Custom Cat Towers, Trees, Window Inserts and more!

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Custom made Cat Furniture pieces so you can enjoy quality craftsmanship at affordable prices while giving your pet the benefit of beds, towers, shelves and doors they can actually use! My furniture is made from real wood and is made to look like real furniture. None of the ‘condos’ that look….well, you know how they look!




Check out my Window Mounted Cat Door units!

Allow your cat the freedom it deserves! Enjoy your time away from home…or even your time at home! Installs in seconds!
No getting up to let your cat out and in several times a night! Even move that litter box outside!


Clear window mounted cat door insidewindow mounted cat door

Best Prices Around!! Just check out prices for the actual door itself!!

You can’t beat these prices for a solid, durable, and attractive Window Mounted Cat Door. Made with Quality CatMate flaps     (Model 309 4 way for the regular units, and 221W 4 way for the large units).

Made for sliding windows up to 36″ tall too, they fit most cats up to 15 lbs and 12″ tall. For more options,click on the links below.

Custom Orders Welcome!

Custom crafted cat furniture, cat trees, cat towers, cat beds, bird-feeders and more. Cat scratching towers made with real wood. Beautiful cat furniture to accent any home.The best custom sized Window Mounted Cat Doors for sash window and sliders. I offer a unique service too!! Just send me photos of your house, your furniture, or just about anything else, and I will create a small replica for bird houses, cat houses, mailboxes…you name it!


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Being a long-time cat lover, I have always tried to give my cats and kittens the feeling of belonging that I would expect for myself. We spend quite a lot of time and expense giving ourselves the perfect chair, the most comfortable bed, the stylish bedroom furniture, all to have that feeling of ‘home’ that we all search for.
I have owned, and seen, some extremely ugly cat furniture over the years, and became frustrated with the selection and pricing of most of the pet furniture out there. As an expert carpenter, I knew that I could make and create the look I was searching for and started on my path. I started with the real wood cat beds and now it seems never-ending…I can make just about anything cat related into a classy, great looking piece of furniture for my cats and yours.
Along with my usual standard pieces, I am always experimenting and would love to hear any requests for either a specific piece, or if you have any general suggestions I am more than happy to work something up and see what I can do. I think and hope that my cats appreciate the time and effort I put into making their space their own, it’s hard to tell…they really don’t go into it much!
I make my cat furniture to last. Real wood beds and towers all finished to a gloss, just like your desk, your chair, and your bedroom suite. They look great in my home and I know that they will look just as beautiful in yours.

Custom orders are welcomed! All for a great price, and with excellent quality. Most orders ship within 1-2 weeks.

Window mounted cat door unit sizing instructions!
The units are 1/2″ thick. Open your window slightly, the unit goes where the window used to sit. If the side track the window slides in is at least 1/2”, the unit slides into that track… so measure from inside the left track to the start of the right track .Then it’ll slide into left track, is short enough to clear right track lip, slides over about 3/8”into right track to center it.
If the track isn’t 1/2, it butts to the track , not inside it, so you would take the measurement from track to track. If you are unsure, email pics of your window slightly open, with a tape measure laying across the sill where the bottom of the window used to be. . Please email the sizing pics to . Thanks again! Ken Gessner